Emergency Information

Safety is GTC’s utmost priority.  Please see below details if you are reporting damage or an emergency on the Gas or Electricity network.

Further information is also available if you have an electricity power cut.

Gas Emergency

If you can smell gas or believe a gas pipe has been damaged, please call the freephone National Gas Emergency Number: 0800 111999

For your own safety, please also follow the advice below:

  1. If you have not already done so, please turn off the gas at the meter
  2. Extinguish all naked flames (and do not smoke)
  3. Open doors and windows for ventilation
  4. Do NOT operate electrical switches ON or OFF
  5. Do not use any door entry phone or other electrical entry/security device when the emergency service team arrives
  6. The Emergency service provider will be with you in one hour
  7. Please wait on-site for the emergency team to arrive

Damage to Gas Mains

If you wish to report damage to a gas pipe please ring 0800 111 999.

For your own safety, please also follow the advice below:

  • Turn off all plant and equipment in the vicinity
  • Keep all employees away from the damage location
  • Do not attempt to make a repair.

Electricity Emergency

To report No Supply or Electrical Damage please ring 0800 0326990.  If you have a power cut, please see instructions below

What to do in case of a Power Cut

First, check whether your neighbours have also lost their supply.

  • If your neighbours don't have power, call our direct emergency line 0800 0326990, alternatively you can call Power Cut? Call 105, where your call will be routed to GTC.
  • If your neighbours DO have power:
  1. Check your trip switch, if the trip switch is still on call the emergency number
  2. If the trip switch is off, switch it back on
  3. If it switches back off, one of your appliances may be faulty so unplug all appliances and the reset the trip switch
  4. If only part of your supply has failed and the trip won’t reset there may be a fault with your internal wiring. Please contact a registered electrician
  5. Check your electricity meter. Is the dial/display working? If not call the emergency number.