Single Property Connection

GTC operates gas and electricity utility infrastructure networks nationwide for new housing and commercial developments where more than one property is being built.

Multiple Dwellings?

If you are building a housing or commercial development of multiple dwellings, GTC is the industry’s first choice. For further details please see products.

Single Connection?

We can only provide a connection if the local gas and/or electricity infrastructure is operated by GTC.  To find out, contact our GTC householder connections team on 01359 243360 or email your contact details along with your full postal address to

Gas & Electricity Domestic Connection:
GTC can only provide a single domestic gas and/or electricity connection if we operate the local infrastructure.  If GTC are the network operator, please see 'how to get a quote'.

Electricity Commercial Connection:
If you want a one-off electricity commercial connection to a commercial property, our sister company Power On Connections will be able to provide a quotation.  Please contact the Power On Customer Services Team on 03453 22 33 22 or see Power On Connections.

Gas Commerical Connection:
GTC can only provide a single commerical gas connection if we operate the local gas infrastructure.

GTC Local Network

If the nearest main is operated by GTC and only one property connection is required, we can provide a quotation. The cost for a single property connection in these circumstances would be approximately £1,500, though if you qualify under the Fuel Poor Scheme the cost of the connection may be less .  

For a quotation or to discuss further, please contact  GTC householder connections team on 01359 243360.  

GTC are specialists in providing utility solutions for multiple dwelling developments and the above price is not a unit cost for a multiple connection project. See products for more information

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