Important site delivery information.

GTC is proud of our delivery approach of providing clear guidelines on site preparation, standards of service for timescales and our GTC Project Managers details.  We monitor and regularly publish our actual delivery performance and survey our customers. 

Please take the time to read the information below to ensure your utility infrastructure delivery runs smoothly.

Technical Guidelines

The guidelines detail how to prepare your site ready for the installation of your utilities.  Delays can be caused if the site is not prepared correctly. Please review the attached technical guidelines for Gas, GTC Gas Technical Guidelines Electricity, GTC Electricity Technical Guidelines and for Fibre, Fibre to the Home Technical Guidelines

After acceptance if you require an electricity temporary builders supply (TBS), please complete the request form and email to GTC.

Project Managers & Regional Construction Managers

Your GTC Project Manager will support your site manager and development with your utility installation.  GTC Regional Construction Managers oversee all the projects within their region.  In the event you experience an issue on your site which you are unable to resolve with your Project Manager, please contact your Construction Manager.  

For further contact details, please select the link

Standards of Service

Please see the technical guidelines which provides a guidance on timescales.  The energisation timescale for electricity is contained within your accepted quotation.

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