Building new houses or developing land?

Give your customers UltraStream360, GTC’s ultrafast fibre networksFor HBF members we have a special national agreement.

GTC is the market leading independent utility infrastructure provider to:

We have over 18 years' experience delivering cost-effective gas, electric and water networks along with sustainable solutions and next generation blazing-fast fibre to the home to new housing and commercial developments nationwide. 

We are the industry's first choice for comprehensive utility infrastructure solutions, our track record is proven - over 80% of all GTC awarded projects are repeat business.

To find out more, see house builders or call 01359 240363. 

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Supply Interruption

Loss of Gas Supply at EYE, Suffolk, IP23 7DY

Network No: N10806-1 N15608-1 N13205-1 N9898-1 EYE, Suffolk, IP23 7DY We have ...